C2CSI-Broadcast and Transcript-February 25, 2013

Discussing the Horsham England court case of Tony Rooke v. BBC and how Kristine Marcy's 'time snatchers' may have participated in Project Bojinka which was planned to take down 10 or so B747s simultaneously over the Pacific until Ramzi Yousef was fingered by (redacted).

Current Media is owned by the Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera, which announced its acquisition on January 2, 2013. Al Jazeera has stated that it plans on shutting down the Current TV channel, and launching a new New York-based channel called Al Jazeera America using Current's distribution network. It also plans on scrapping the channel's programing lineup and brand. Previously, Gore, Hyatt, and Ronald Burkle each held a sizable stake in Current, and Comcast and DirecTV each held a smaller stake.

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